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Love this eyebrow tutorial! by @elymarino “New updated Brow pictorial!! One of the top questions I get asked is how And what I use for my brows!! Now this technique might not be for everyone, but this works for me since I have very fine, light brows! If you have a fuller brow you don’t need to draw them in as I do but you can use the same technique with a lighter hand! With that said I use @Anastasiabeverlyhills as shown with a MAC 266 brush (not shown) to fill them in.
1⃣Start off with clean groomed brows! I used the tweezers to help clean up. And her brow scissors to trim! (🙌definitely a must have)
2⃣Taking the Brow Powder Duo in the color Ebony, line the bottom part of your eye brow, creating your shape! ( Follow your own natural shape)
3⃣ Trace on top of the brow going a little less then half way (or about half way). This gives you the out line and shape you need to fill in the brows.
4⃣Fill in your brows, but leaving the front of the brow bare (use a light hand as you get closer to the front part of the brow.
5⃣With out using more product, brush upward filling in the front of the brow, slowly diffusing the lines u created to make your shape. ( I use a spoolie to then brush the front part of the brow to remove any excess product and helps get rid of any harsh edge to the front of the brow)
6⃣To set my brows in place I use the Tinted Brow Gel in the color Espresso to set the hairs in place!!! And your done!! I really hope you find this useful☺ if you have any additional questions please comment below!!💖
#elymarino #anastasiabrows” via @InstaReposts (at

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